Removing Emotional Blocks w/ Diana Guintu

There’s one thing that stops coaches from going to the next level. And it has nothing to do with their business challenges. It’s their emotional challenges. I had an experience early in my career that made me feel like I was going to be a failure.  I remember my first ‘real job’ out of college […]

This one ingredient inspires your audience to buy

Have you ever noticed that some speakers are able to engage and connect with their audiences more than others? That they seem to be able to effortlessly… …Persuade and Influence their audience? Let’s take Martin Luther King’s famous I Have A Dream Speech for example. What made his speech so amazing and one of the […]

Why people don’t join your programs

Healthy diets are so restrictive… Aren’t they? Avoid sugar, Avoid too many carbs, Avoid alcohol, etc… Well, that’s one way to look at it. But what if I said that healthy diets are Freedom. Freedom from disease, freedom from lethargy, Freedom from brain fog, etc… Wouldn’t you be more open to a healthy diet when […]

My #1 most powerful persuasion tactic

The other night a friend of mine, JD, recommended a new modern american restaurant in Newport Beach. I booked instantly and the experience was amazing. I didn’t check the reviews on yelp or the photos. I just booked it because I trust his opinion. This is also known in marketing terms as… …Social Proof. Nothing […]

Avoid these 3 webinar KILLERS

Running profitable webinars can seem like rocket science if you’re new. Heck, even if you’re a seasoned vet… …you’re probably going to have a dud presentation here and there. But if you can crack the code, it can mean getting a year’s payday in an hour! Just like one of our ELITE students, Ariel who […]

Facebook Ads Are Dead?

“Facebook Ads are dead!” I’m sure you’ve heard this before. And if you’ve been running ads to fill your webinars or virtual events  for any amount of time it might seem that it’s trending that way. Conversion costs and click cost are up for many! But if you know how to stand out using formulas […]

4 tips to increase your webinar show rate

Picture this… You spent all this time and money promoting your webinar. You’ve got hundreds… Maybe thousands of people signed up. You’re ready. Your webinar is ready. You’re about to change their lives. Annnndddd… Just a small fraction of those that signed up are actually on the webinar. Has this happened to you before? It’s […]

3 tips for improving your conversions from your webinar

Creating a high converting webinar is an art. If you’ve been on a lot of webinars you might know what I mean. At first glance they all might seem similar to you. You know the flow… Presenter gets on -> Introduces themself -> Shares their credentials -> Teaches you some cool content -> Makes an […]

Your bonuses are your offer

Creating bonuses for your info product can be really confusing. I find many coaches make the mistake of thinking that their bonuses are just a bunch of things they need to throw in at the end of the course. ​ Maybe you’ve seen other Experts put a crazy amount of bonuses at the end, and […]

Value based decisions in your Expert Business

One of my best friends put his house up for sale the other day. He decided to leave California and move his family to a different state. I’m excited for him, but personally, I’m super bummed. He’s a great mate and I’ll miss him being so close. For him, making this decision was hard (especially […]