Your bonuses are your offer

Creating bonuses for your info product can be really confusing.

I find many coaches make the mistake of thinking that their bonuses are just a bunch of things they need to throw in at the end of the course.

Maybe you’ve seen other Experts put a crazy amount of bonuses at the end, and you think that’s the answer…….

…this is a big mistake.

Your bonuses are not about giving your audience the most stuff.

On one of my Sell From Stage ELITE™ coaching calls the other day I talked about the fact that you need two types of bonuses.

1. You need a bonus that is so desirable that the audience would pay the entire amount of your program to get access to this one thing.

For example this could be a multi-day workshop, templates and scripts that they can easily swipe and implement to get great results.

For me, one of the bonuses I offer is all of the done-for-you Slide Decks and Speech Scripts that you can literally download and use for a high converting webinar next week.

That one bonus alone can not only save you hundreds of hours of time and effort trying to sell your product, but also make you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Do you get the picture?

2. You need a bonus that reduces the resistance or objections that your audience has.

For example, if your audience has an objection about being too busy you could include a bonus that shows them how they can save 10 hours a week using your proprietary system.

For me, one of the objections that people have to joining our program is not knowing how to get people to sign up for their webinars or virtual events. So, I created a bonus called “Your First 100 Virtual Attendees”. This shows people how they can get 100+ people signed up to their next webinar organically, which on average can produce between $3,000 and up to $20,000+ depending on your info product price point.

So, the secret is creating highly desirable and valuable bonuses people want and need. Not throwing a whole bunch of random bonuses into your course that overwhelms your audience.

This way, you create a huge desire for getting access to your program and also reduce the resistance or objections that they have to making a decision.

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Kind Regards,
Colin ‘Big Bonuses’ Boyd

P.S. This week I had the chance to interview our Sell From Stage ELITE™ Copywriting Coach, Holly Tkac. We discussed lots of practical ways you can improve the way you connect with your audience through your copywriting and convert them into customers.

If your copywriting skills are not getting new buyers, and you’re ready to improve it, make sure to take a listen to the episode below.

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