9 Elements of an Irresistible Offer

Have you ever had the audience loving your presentation…

…then when you share your offer almost no one takes it up?!

Dagger to the heart moment…I know!

Well, if that’s occurred it’s because at least 1 of the following 9 elements isn’t in place.

Here are the 9 elements of an irresistible offer:

  1. NAME:  Your name must be distinctive and usually outcome orientated.
  2. PROMISE:  The promise has to articulate the transformation that the audience wants in a very clear and succinct way
  3. MODULE:  Your modules are the stepping stones that show the audience how to get the outcome that you help them with
  4. BONUSES:  Your bonuses are designed to create a massive desire for your program and also reduce the resistance that your audience may have towards your offer
  5. GUARANTEE: Your guarantee is designed to declare to your audience that you believe in your process and that the risk they feel is minimized or completely eliminated
  6. SOCIAL PROOF:   Having amazing social proof is one of the secrets to showing your audience that they too can see amazing results.
  7. PRICE: Your price must be justified by the value you bring by 5 to 10 times
  8. SCARCITY: There must be a point of decision for your audience, which is created by a time deadline or limits
  9. AESTHETICS: Your offer must aesthetically connect with your audience’s ideals

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On the Expert Edge Podcast this week I interviewed Keenya Kelly who is a TikTok Expert who has been able to use that platform to grow a business significantly!

If you’re been interested in TikTok and want to start using it to grow your business take a listen to the podcast

>>>Enjoy this interview about Growing Your Coaching Business with TikTok w/ Keenya Kelly


Colin “Irresistible Offers” Boyd

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