The 3 Ways To Feel Confident When Selling Your Courses

Sharing your course with the world can feel scary, right?

Maybe you are on a webinar or coaching session and it comes to the time when you have to talk about your program.

…and you find yourself with sweaty palms, a clammy mouth, and butterflies in your stomach.

You lose the words that you wanted to say and feel like your fear got the better of you.

I think this is a normal experience for almost every Coach and Expert when they first start to sell their courses.

I know I’ve felt like this many times!!

But the truth is that your confidence must overcome the prospect’s doubt.

In fact, I would go so far as to say that your audience buys a feeling of certainty when they purchase your course…

Sure, they buy your program, but at its core, they actually buy the feeling of certainty that your program gives them.

So you can see how important YOU feeling confident is when selling your product.

I think there are 3 pillars to becoming confident in selling your course.

Here they are…

By the Way – I unpack these 3 pillars in a practical way on this week’s podcast “The 3 Ways To Feel Confident When Selling Your Courses”.

Pillar 1. You haven’t proven the product to yourself

Most of you would have created a product based on a process that you personally experienced.

This is the foundation for most ‘knowledge-based’ programs.

This was the case for me.

Based on the Webinars, Facebook Lives, and Live Stages I’ve sold on over the years, I refined my own process that eventually saw consistent success. This formed the structure for my Sell From Stage Formula.

I’m assuming you have done a similar process and so because of that, this first point may not be the main reason for lacking confidence.

However, I don’t want you to skip over it as you may still need further clarity on your process.

Just because you have a ‘program’ doesn’t mean your process is clear enough! There is always more work to be done on this Pillar…

Pillar 2. You haven’t proven that other people can implement your process.

The success of your product will be built on the success rate of other people implementing it.

If your program is too complex or too hard to implement, people won’t get results.

That’s why going through the process of proving that other people can get results with your process is one of the most important parts of building rock-solid confidence when selling.

This is an area that many coaches struggle with, (But they are usually unaware of it and its impact on undermining your confidence.)

…in this week’s episode, I share some powerful and practical examples of how to do that

Pillar 3. You haven’t become clear in how to sell the product (in your own authentic voice)

Understanding how the selling process works and knowing how to infuse your authentic voice through the process is the last pillar for becoming confident.

Usually just knowing how to sell in an authentic way will boost your confidence significantly.

This for me is the container that the first two pillars sit in.

So the way you become clear and confident in selling your course is firstly, to ensure the process works for you, secondly, to have overwhelming evidence that it works for other people, and thirdly, to learn how to sell it to your audience in a way that feels authentic, non-pushy and truly aligned.

Let’s get you confident when selling your courses so that you can help more people, make more money and create the impact you truly desire.


Colin “Sell Your Certainty” Boyd

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