5 Ways To Get Clients, Not Just Claps, From Your Virtual Presentations

I’m about to reveal to you the big differences between speaking to get CLAPS and speaking to get CLIENTS.

This is going to change the way you present on your next webinar, challenge or virtual workshop.

I’ve gone to a lot of ‘speaking seminars’ in the past andI think a lot of the advice is awesome, if you want your audience to just laugh, clap and smile.

But if you want your audience to also join your programs…

….then here are five things you need to include.

1. Your presentation must be designed for decision

A regular presentation is designed for information, where a presentation that converts is designed to help the audience increase their commitment to the outcome that you can help them with.

I’m not saying you don’t provide valuable content…

…I am saying that the content you present is specifically designed for the ‘right person’ to make a decision to see a change in their life.

Don’t just present content ‘from your course’ and hope that they will join your program, this doesn’t work.

Create content that helps your audience increase their commitment to the outcome you can help them achieve.

2. Your presentation must not go into process (too much)

One of the big mistakes students make before they start working with me in Sell From Stage Academy® is they over teach.

Your audience walks away with 100+ things to do and because of this, they don’t join your program.

The problem with this is that the audience walks away feeling MORE overwhelmed than they did prior to hearing your presentation! You can give a little bit of ‘how-to’ in your presentations, but too much of it will actually just confuse your audience and stop them seeing real progress in the area you can help them with.

3. Your focus must be on having the right people join your program so that you can transform their lives

When you present, your focus must be on transforming people’s lives, not just inspiring them.

A regular presentation inspires people, which is great. But a presentation that sells keeps the main focus being – “to completely transform the lives of all the people who are a right fit for your program”.

If someone ends up not being a right fit for you, that’s totally fine. But for the people that are, your job is to help them truly transform their lives, not just inspire them.

4. Your signature story must transfer core premise idea in your program

Storytelling is important for engagement in any presentation…but when you are selling from a virtual stage your stories must align with the core premise of your program.

It must help the listeners understand that the thing you help them achieve is the most effective way to get the result they want.

Helping your audience increases their commitment to the core premise is was I call a Conversion Story™.

5. You have to see your offer as a sacred place of transformation

>>>Feeling comfortable about selling has more to do with how you view your offer, then how you view selling<<<

Your offer is a place of sacred transformation, it shouldn’t be a place of transaction for you.

The reason you can feel confident in making your offer to your audience is because for the right people it can truly transform their lives.

When you do that, selling becomes serving.

I hope that these five ideas have been valuable for you when you’re creating your next webinar, challenge or virtual presentation to sell.

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Colin “Get Clients, Not just Claps” Boyd

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