This one ingredient inspires your audience to buy

Have you ever noticed that some speakers are able to engage and connect with their audiences more than others?

That they seem to be able to effortlessly…

…Persuade and Influence their audience?

Let’s take Martin Luther King’s famous I Have A Dream Speech for example.

What made his speech so amazing and one of the most famous speeches of all time?

It’s His Conviction.

You can feel his conviction in every word that he says.

Conviction is a big key to what made that speech and what makes any speech so powerful.

The best persuaders have monster conviction.

Conviction is a big part of what gets people to move towards your offers.

The other part of it is what you actually say…

Your signature story.

These 2 go hand in hand when it comes to selling your programs.

Conviction without a signature story won’t get you very far.

And a story without conviction will get you claps but it won’t move people to join you or your programs.

In order for you to have conviction you must have a signature story that aligns with you and your core premise… I teach how to create this in my Conversion Story Formula.

You need to feel it.

Your audience needs to feel it.

And when you feel it, conviction is a natural outcome.

And when your audience feels it, they’ll move towards your offer.

That’s when your programs fill up.

That’s when the magic happens.

Colin ‘Conviction’ Boyd

Now onto the Expert Edge Podcast this week…

Episode 129 | The 3 Unconscious Questions You Must Answer To Convert A New Client

Podcast Description:

There are three unconscious questions that you must answer if you ever want to convert a new client. These three questions must be answered in the first 15 minutes of any presentation or interaction with a prospect. This podcast will unpack how these three questions impact the audience’s willingness to trust you and want to work with you.

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