Avoid these 3 webinar KILLERS

Running profitable webinars can seem like rocket science if you’re new.

Heck, even if you’re a seasoned vet…

…you’re probably going to have a dud presentation here and there.

But if you can crack the code, it can mean getting a year’s payday in an hour!

Just like one of our ELITE students, Ariel who recently made $168,570 in one webinar.

Not bad for an hour-long presentation, right?

This is why I put so much emphasis on teaching people how to run successful webinars, you can join our VIP Waitlist here if you haven’t yet.

A big part of understanding how to run a profitable webinar is what NOT to do on your webinar.

Here’s a list of 3 Webinar Killers that I see a lot of people make:

1: Overwhelming your audience with too much “how-to”

This is a very common mistake I see. You’ve created a course and you’re ready to blow your audience away by sharing your best how-to information with them! Surely that will get them to move forward once you put your offer in front of them, right?


It actually has the opposite effect. Oftentimes this will lead to information overload and instead of feeling inspired and wanting more – all they feel is overwhelm.

Instead you want to teach in a way that makes them motivated to commit to their goals. Your course or program should teach the how-to.

2: Not giving them a reason to buy now

Let’s be honest, most of your audience have been wanting to improve on the topic for months, maybe years. So you have to get them out of paralysis and into action!

If you want your prospect to invest in your program while they are on the webinar, you need to give them a reason to do so.

This means having an incentive of some sort and some real scarcity – ideally both. For example… ONLY those that buy the program today, will get a bonus of some sort.

In order for this to work the bonus needs to have high perceived value and the scarcity needs to be real.

3: Lacking personal connection

Nothing creates this personal connection like a signature story. If you’ve followed me for any amount of time you know that this is my bread and butter – it’s the strongest factor in turning a dud of a webinar into a profit machine.

If you want people to join your programs in hoards, then you have to connect with them first.

NOTHING creates that connection like a story…knowing exactly how to tell that story is explained in this podcast episode 55.

Now these are just 3 mistakes that I commonly see experts and coaches making.

There are other factors that go into running successful webinars.

But, if you avoid these mistakes…

You’ll have a significantly better chance at running a highly profitable webinar.

And isn’t that the name of the game after all?

Now onto the Expert Edge Podcast this week…

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Establishing credibility with your audience is the easiest way to turn them into clients. Few things (if any) establish credibility faster than having a book. The problem is most entrepreneurs don’t know where to start or what to write their book about. In this episode, I interviewed 3x Bestselling author Jake Kelfer on how you can become a self published author in just a few months and establish instant credibility with your audience.

In this episode you’ll discover:

– How to come up with the perfect topic for your book (the questions Jake lays out will make this easy for you)

– The 4 biggest mistakes people make that prevent them from writing & finishing their book

– 5 different ways to leverage and monetize your book as soon as you release it

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