Why people don’t join your programs

Healthy diets are so restrictive…

Aren’t they?

Avoid sugar, Avoid too many carbs, Avoid alcohol, etc…

Well, that’s one way to look at it.

But what if I said that healthy diets are Freedom.

Freedom from disease, freedom from lethargy, Freedom from brain fog, etc…

Wouldn’t you be more open to a healthy diet when it’s framed that way?

This, believe it or not, is one of the main reasons people aren’t joining your programs.

No it’s not because of their diet!

It’s because you’re not shifting their beliefs.

This is one of the things I emphasize and teach in my new Conversion Story Formula™.

You must learn how to shift your audience’s beliefs so that they naturally want to join your program when you share your offer.

The truth is…

…Your audience is coming to your webinar or virtual presentation with a lot of built in resistance.

Understanding what that built in resistance is is key to maximizing your conversions.

Once you know what that resistance is you can work out how to reframe it and get your audience to see it from a different angle…

Which is key to shifting their beliefs.

Here’s 2 simple question you can ask yourself to help you figure out what that resistance might be:

“What must my audience believe in order to commit to my offer?”

“What are general beliefs about your topic that need to be shifted to enable the sale to be made?”

In the example I gave at the beginning,

If I were selling a program around eating a healthy diet…

I would need my audience to see that real freedom comes from eating healthy

Not from just eating whatever tastes good.

So how would I do that?

By reframing healthy eating and showing that freedom from disease, lethargy, etc… is the real freedom.

Do you see the power in this?

This my friend is the hidden secret that gets your audience saying yes to your offers.

You must get better at reframing their beliefs.

Now onto the Expert Edge Podcast this week…

Episode 126 | My 3 top ways to feel more confident speaking on any stage

Podcast Description:

Speaking on stage very rarely comes naturally to anyone. I have been doing it for 10+ years and in the beginning there were times where my hand was shaking so much that I needed to put both hands on the microphone to control it. Over the years and after more than a thousand presentations I have found that there are 3 things that really make a difference in helping you switch from a state of fear while speaking on stage to a state of confidence. In this episode you’ll discover these 3 things!

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Colin ‘Belief shifting” Boyd

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