Facebook Ads Are Dead?

“Facebook Ads are dead!”

I’m sure you’ve heard this before.

And if you’ve been running ads to fill your webinars or virtual events  for any amount of time it might seem that it’s trending that way.

Conversion costs and click cost are up for many!

But if you know how to stand out using formulas that work, then this is good news for you, because while others give up, you can lean in and crush it.

So what is working right now?

I’ll leave you with a big tip that will serve you well with the current state of Facebook Marketing:

BIG TIP) Facebook Ads are 95% Creative & 5% Technical

Facebook has gone through a number of algorithm updates over the years. Because of this your ad creatives have never been more important. Your main focus should be on creating dozens of ad variations, ad copy & audiences to test. The bigger the promotion or ad budget, the more variations you should run.

Focus on a combination of short videos (10-40 seconds) and some static image ads as well. Don’t ever assume one ad will work better than another before testing.

The most important aspect of a creative is to get attention. You need to get your prospect to stop scrolling and engage with your ad.

For examples sake, here’s a simple formula you can follow:

Grab Attention: (00:01 – 00:05 seconds of the video) Focus on something that speaks directly to your audience and hooks them in. Example: Let’s say you’re a skin expert and your target audience are people looking to clear up their skin. This attention intro can be of someone popping a pimple. Gross but effective. 🙂

Problem: (00:05 – 00:10) Agitate the problem. Example: Sticking with the skin expert theme. Express how the action of popping pimples makes things worse. This agitates the problem and leaves them hooked to find out what the right thing to do is.

Educate/Agitate: (00:10 – 00:20) Educate the prospect at this point and you can further deepen why what they’re currently doing is in fact, bad or not helpful.

Introduce Solution: (00:20 – 00:40) Relate to prospects and mention how you were in their shoes. Introduce your solution and what helped you. If you’re promoting a webinar you could introduce that as the solution – where they’ll find out exactly how you conquered xyz.

This is just one in depth example of a formula that works really well to get your prospect to take an action.

But, with that said…

You want to test a number of variations.

From super simple videos of sharing what you have to offer…

To more in depth short videos using the formula above.

Test it out on your next Facebook ad campaign filling your webinars…

… And let me know how it goes!

Now onto the Expert Edge Podcast this week…

Expert Edge Podcast Episode 122 |  The Secret To Being A Transformational Coach With Mandy Keene

A lot of coaches know what they want, know why they want it, take massive action and still don’t achieve the results they were looking for. This little formula may look familiar as it’s the foundation of many personal development coaches’ teachings. However, my guest & Master Coach Mandy Keene, suggests that this way of thinking is outdated and that you have to go much deeper to achieve your desired results.

If you are ready to unlock the mental blocks that are stopping you from reaching your goals – whether that be in your business, your health, your marriage, etc… then you aren’t going to want to miss this episode.

In this episode you’ll discover:

– How to create lasting and permanent change in your life by understanding why you do what you do.

– How to recognize signs of past trauma in your life and what to do to get out of this self sabotaging rutt.

– Why it’s a big mistake to blindly follow what guru’s are doing. Would a penguin take advice from a giraffe? (explained in detail inside)

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Colin Boyd



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