How to find & tell your signature story in a way that connects and converts

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Second Child Syndrome

I recently became a father (for the second time). Exciting! So I thought I’d send 3...

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The Art of Saying ‘No’

In today’s conversation, I want to talk to you about how you say ‘no.’ It’s been...

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The Meeting Resistance Model

Do you get a lot of meeting requests? A lot of my clients talk to me...

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Build Brand You

Today I want to share with you three secrets to building your Personal Brand. The other...

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Improve Team Culture

Today I want to share with you an idea that every leader must get for them...

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Create Team Contributors

I think there is a lot of talk about how to be a team leader, but...

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The #1 Secret to Starting Your Year Strong

Coming back to work after taking a vacation can be a daunting experience. There is the...

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Elegant Acknowledgment

  After doing thousands of coaching hours with people at all levels of the organisation, I’ve...

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Why Your Team Is Underperforming and How to Fix It

So your team isn’t creating rockstar results, hey? Knowing what’s important to your team is the...

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