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How to make MORE courageous decisions

Have you ever found it difficult to make a scary decision?

I know I have.

Whether it was to ask my wife to marry me, start my business, join a program or move from Australia to the USA.

All of these decisions felt incredibly scary.

I mulled over them, wrestled with them but ultimately when it came down to it, I decided to trust myself to make them.

I’m so glad I chose courage.

As my good friend Joe Pane says, “A good life is made up of only a handful of courageous decisions.”

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I bet when you reflect on your life you can pinpoint the moments that changed things for the better.

Those courageous decisions that got you out of your comfort zone and into your potential.

If you’re feeling a sense of fear or hesitation right now I encourage you to listen to this week’s special podcast episode.

It’s all about how to increase your ability to make courageous decisions.

Inside this week’s Expert Edge podcast, you will discover:

– Why confidence never comes before courage and how when you get the formula right you can create the life you truly desire

 – The secret to finding more courage within yourself so that you can make the changes you’ve been putting off for too long already

 – The biggest reasons why I struggled in the past to make courageous decisions and how I overcame it

 – You’ll walk away from this new podcast feeling more inspired, confident, and excited to create the life you’ve always wanted

Listen to how to make courageous decisions on The Expert Edge podcast

Talk soon!


P.S. My podcast editor came back to me after this episode and said it was the best one she’s heard me deliver! So if you don’t take it from me, take it from her, you’re gonna enjoy this new episode dropping today.

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