[Coaching Session] How vulnerable should my signature story be?

I had two important questions asked of me the other week…

  1. How do I share my signature story, when it’s really vulnerable?
  2. What is the best offer to make during these current economic times? 

These were two questions that my students asked me on my regular advanced Sell From Stage Academy coaching call and I wanted to give you the answers.

As a special podcast episode this week, you get to be a fly on the wall during one of the in-depth and practical coaching sessions that I host inside of Sell From Stage Academy.

In regards to the signature story question…you’ll discover how I view signature stories differently and the one focus change that will make all the difference to you feeling confident in sharing your signature story.

In regards to making the best offer for these current times …you’ll discover how you can pivot your offer to make it both relevant and necessary right now so you sell more and grow despite the current economy.

Click here to listen: “[Coaching Session] How vulnerable should my signature story be?”

Talk soon! 

Colin “Advanced Coaching” Boyd 

P.S. This is a unique and powerful podcast as it will show you real and honest questions that my students are asking and how it can help you reframe and refocus your actions towards creating success. Make sure to review and subscribe if you find it valuable!

Listen to this special podcast episode “[Coaching Session] How vulnerable should my signature story be?” HERE

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