The Secret to Getting 50%+ Email Open Rates

Imagine only sending ONE email, and having 3,800 people register for your webinar.

This is a reality for my friend and fellow Sell From Stage Academy® member Jon Acampora.

He’s a master when it comes to email marketing.

To the point that his email service provider personally contacted him to learn ‘his email strategies’.

You see there are two types of people in marketing…

  1. The ones who simply guess at what to do and get average open rates
  2. And the ones who KNOW what works which pays in spades! (I’m talking about revenue and record student enrollments)

And Jon knows what works!!!

This guy is a legit ninja.

And it’s why I brought him on to share his insights with you on The Expert Edge podcast this week because he has so much gold.

If you’re ready to be the type of Coach who KNOWS what works and finally see open rates that reflect the kind of effort and heart you put into your marketing, then this episode is for you.

In this eye-opening interview you’ll discover:

  • 1 simple trick so you can avoid spam filters and why your current emails are getting caught in them without you knowing it
  • The value of unsubscribing people so that your list is clean and how it can skyrocket your open rates!
  • How he fills a baseball stadium (think 50,000 people) of traffic every day with ‘evergreen content’ and why it’s the future of marketing without any ad spend
  • The tools and tactics that help Jon gets thousands and thousands of webinar and email subscribers without creating new content every day

LISTEN TO THE EPISODE: The Secret to Getting 50%+ Email Open Rates

In this unique season, while nearly all of your clients are working from home, email marketing is more valuable than ever before!

Don’t let the opportunity to connect with them pass you by.

Talk Soon!


P.S. Jon shared one tip on why unsubscribes are actually good for your engagement rates that blew my mind!! You’re gonna want to hear this…

LISTEN TO “The Secret to Getting 50%+ Email Open Rates” NOW



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