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How To Grow Your Money Mindset

When I was a newlywed in my mid-20s, I ended up finding myself in $20,000 of debt.

Talk about feeling overwhelmed!

It was our first year of marriage, and I was freaking out.

At the time I was a teacher, and my wife was a minister (two of the lowest paying salaries you can get) and I had no idea how we were going to pay it off.

All of my old beliefs about money we’re shaping how I felt during that time.

Beliefs like:

  • Money always runs out
  • Money’s hard to come by
  • I don’t know how to manage money
  • And my experience was only proving these beliefs correct

But something incredible happened during that season.

We paid it ALL off. In a year!!

It felt like a miracle, but it really taught me something…

When my beliefs about money changed, my experiences with money changed with it.

And I know the same is true for you too.

Which is why in this Episode of The Expert Edge Podcast we’re talking all about MONEY MINDSET.

Because the reality is, you’ve had many beliefs that taught you about money, and now you need to ask whether those ideas are serving and supporting the vision for your life.

In this episode you will discover:

  • The three crucial shifts I had to go through to evolve my relationship with money (and why you need to go through them also if you want more money)
  • How to change old limiting beliefs about money and the new beliefs you have to install if you want to actually experience an abundance of money.
  • Why so many entrepreneurs are charging the WRONG price for their programs – the answer will surprise you.
  • How to make more money now ethically – even in this down economy

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO “How To Grow Your Money Mindset”

Enjoy this episode as I take you through my story with money and how it applies to evolving your money journey so that you can have more of it and enjoy it to its full potential.

Talk Soon!

Colin “More Money” Boyd

P.S. If you are ready to take your relationship with money to a new level and allow more money to flow in and through your life then this podcast is not to be missed.

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO “How To Grow Your Money Mindset”

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