[Podcast] How to create your future

When I first started my business I was working as a life coach.  I was about 28, and I told my Grandma my plans and I’m sure you can imagine how she responded… She laughed and told me “I was too young to give advice to anyone!!”  I was gutted that I didn’t have her […]

[Podcast] What does it take to do a multi six-figure launch?

$360,000.  That’s how much this week’s Expert Edge guest, Tina Tower, made in her recent launch.  In this week’s episode of the Expert Edge Podcast, I unpack how Tina used some simple and often overlooked strategies to crush her launch. We talk about the ways in which she was holding herself back before and how […]

How to get your HIGHEST webinar conversion rate EVER

You are ONE presentation away from changing your business forever.  That’s literally all it takes.  My friend Jon Acampora knows this first hand. He recently ran a webinar that made $80,000 in a single hour, cool right? Then he used that exact same webinar with his Evergreen funnel and it’s led to his most profitable […]

How to tell your signature story

I used to be a pizza delivery driver. Let me clarify that, I was a terrible pizza delivery driver.  So bad that I actually got fired… LOL. Talk about embarrassing…  It seems silly, but it’s now become one of my signature stories.  One of my least shining moments is now something I share with people all the time!  And that’s because […]

Why can’t you tell your signature story confidently?

My experience has found that the right signature story can literally be the difference between a webinar that is effective in converting clients and one that isn’t. But here is the problem… Identifying your signature story and telling it the right way can be difficult. Have you ever wondered… Which story should I tell? Do […]

Secrets to Making $60 Million in your Expert Business

Do you ever wonder what it takes to build a scalable Expert Business?  With so many voices out there, how do you get the right advice?  That’s something that this week’s Expert Edge guest, Amanda Tress, knows super well!  She’s got one of the biggest membership sites in the industry and in just over 3 […]

I was naked on Instagram!!

I know, crazy right? I literally posted myself naked on Instagram and I found out about it 2 mins before I was about to speak at a conference! But, let me talk about that in a second… (I know killer hook right!) First I want to tell you about this week’s episode of Expert Edge […]

Are you using this CRAZY new Facebook Ad?

Imagine this… … you’re scaling your business, the money is coming in left and right and then… boom a massive dip!  Have you been there yet?  It’s hard to imagine when you’re in the good moments, but it happens to the best of us.  Which is why on this week’s episode of the Expert Edge […]

Why you should never use the Instagram phrase “Link In Bio”

Instagram can feel a bit overwhelming, right?  There are so many things to take into consideration. Engagement rates, direct messaging tactics, where to put the hashtags… And nobody really understands the algorithm! But this week on the Expert Edge Podcast, I’m going to let you in on a huge secret.  It’s one simple phrase that’s […]

[Expert Edge] Did I get a bit too vulnerable?

This newsletter is about you. My goal when I started the Expert Edge podcast was to get more connected to you. I know how important it is if I’m ever going to inspire you further, for you to feel like you know me as a person. And since I know there’s no real connection without […]