Are you using this CRAZY new Facebook Ad?

Imagine this…

… you’re scaling your business, the money is coming in left and right and then… boom a massive dip! 

Have you been there yet? 

It’s hard to imagine when you’re in the good moments, but it happens to the best of us. 

Which is why on this week’s episode of the Expert Edge podcast I’ve brought in my good friend and ‘famous’ Facebook and Instagram Ad strategist Rick Mulready to share his journey and how he scaled his business from zero to seven figures in under four years. 

Yes you read that right, under four years!!

But more importantly, we’re gonna be breaking down how to scale out your business in a way that serves you and your family and doesn’t burn you out.

This episode is for you if:

  • You’ve ever struggled to create Facebook or Instagram ads that don’t cost you an arm and a leg (and a pinky) – Rick shares helpful tips and tricks to really dial in your ads right now
  • You feel like your fear is in the way of your business – We both share vulnerably how our ego is the enemy of real growth
  • You want to scale your business without working overtime – We’ll talk about how to create AND sustain your growth 
  • You’re looking to know the future of Facebook and IG ads – And why video is your best move right now! 

CLICK HERE to listen to “The LATEST Facebook Ad Strategies that work w/ Rick Mulready”

The proof is in the pudding and you can take one look at Rick and his business and his family and see that what he’s doing really works. 

As usual, it is always my goal on this podcast to bring you the very best in the industry to help share their secrets and help you grow.

He’s one of the most authentic and encouraging guys I know, I trust you’re going to gain a lot from this episode.

CLICK HERE to listen to “The LATEST Facebook Ad Strategies that work w/ Rick Mulready”

Talk Soon.
Colin “Get Results” Boyd

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