How to get paid $10,000 as a speaker

Have you ever tried to explain what you do to a kid?  As a speaker, it’s really odd trying to explain what you do to an adult, let alone explain it to a kid.  Having my workspace upstairs creates a lot of curiosity for my kids around “what goes on up there in dad’s office” […]

[Podcast] This is HOW to get out of your own way

Imagine you’re having friends over for dinner this week.  The weather’s turning a bit colder, you can feel the holiday season around the corner and as you invite a few friends over you tell them about this great new brownie recipe you have.  You tell them you can’t wait for them to try it!  When the night […]

The #1 problem with the personal brand industry

Let’s talk about expanding your capacity.  What does it take to grow?  Being an entrepreneur in this ‘personal brand/coaching industry’ is a really unique journey. In fact, it’s one of the simplest business models you can have given that you don’t usually have a brick-and-mortar building filled with employees.  But here’s the problem…  The problem […]

Why your FAMILY is your business’ superpower

How tough can it be growing a business, especially when you have kids? Not only do you have your clients’ needs to look out for, but you have these little humans who constantly need attention!!! While you’re trying to send emails to your subscribers, or go live on your next webinar, they are asking for […]

How to Overcome Limiting Beliefs

Most days it’s incredibly easy to believe that successful people just have “it”.  But after working with some of the industries leading experts, I can assure you that we all share one thing in common: we all have our own fears and insecurities.  And learning how to overcome those doubts is absolutely crucial to your business’ […]

The Six Levels of Persuasive Communication

Can I share with you the exact journey for becoming masterful on virtual and live stages? I’m bringing back one of my favorite podcast episodes from when we first started because I know this episode will be super helpful to you as you refine your webinar conversion skills.  I’ve been speaking professionally on stages around the world […]

How to be happy when you fail

5 years ago when I met this week’s guest on the Expert Edge podcast, I was living in Australia and only thinking about going after a dream of moving to the U.S.  As you can imagine, it was a big decision with life-altering results on the other end, so for as excited as I was about the […]

[Podcast] The Secret to Attracting Abundance…even in hard times

How do you stretch yourself?  How do you go beyond what you think is possible for yourself?  These are questions I ask myself often and Dr. Dave Martin is who I look to for answers.  As a young youth leader I remember listening to him speak at a conference and seeing him, larger than life […]

[Podcast] How to create your future

When I first started my business I was working as a life coach.  I was about 28, and I told my Grandma my plans and I’m sure you can imagine how she responded… She laughed and told me “I was too young to give advice to anyone!!”  I was gutted that I didn’t have her […]