[Podcast] This is HOW to get out of your own way

Imagine you’re having friends over for dinner this week. 

The weather’s turning a bit colder, you can feel the holiday season around the corner and as you invite a few friends over you tell them about this great new brownie recipe you have. 

You tell them you can’t wait for them to try it! 

When the night comes, you have a great dinner and you send your guests home…

… but you never share the brownies. 

This is how my friend and clinical psychologist, Julia Kristina, describes what it was like when she was too afraid to offer her services. 

It’s as if you have something awesome to share, that you’ve told everyone is great, but then you never offer it.

Imagine how disappointed some of them might feel leaving at the end of the night.

Sure, the ones who are on a diet or who have food intolerances won’t mind, but for those who wanted those brownies, they’re leaving without. 

As a Coach and Clinical Psychologist who specializes in overcoming anxiety and insecurity, Julia had amazing services that she was passionate about and that she knew worked.

But she found she became timid every time she had the opportunity to share them. 

In this episode of the Expert Edge Podcast, we unpack her journey of using Sell From Stage Methods to go from being uncomfortable selling her services to finally becoming confident and building a successful business that helps a lot of people.

—>>> Tune in to the episode “How to Break Through Anxiety w/ Julia Kristina” here

Colin “Grow Yourself Grow Your Business” Boyd

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—>>> Listen to the episode “How to Break Through Anxiety w/ Julia Kristina” here



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