How to Navigate Change in your Expert Business

How are you coping with the degree of change happening right now?

2020 has no doubt been a roller coaster.

And many of you have had to make major changes to your business model. 

Which is why I wanted to bring my good friend Tanya Dalton on the podcast this week. 

She’s an inspiring leader who runs a multi-7-figure Expert business but she didn’t start out that way…

… She has had many great (and painful) evolutions in her business to arrive where she is.

That’s why I want you to learn from her. 

In fact, I believe gaining the knowledge to navigate change is one of the most important skills in this season, wouldn’t you agree? 

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Tanya tells this story of her husband traveling often for work, which meant they weren’t able to prioritize their family enough. 

So she shifted her business to be their main income creator. 

It ended up starting well, but a year into that business, they recognized that it wasn’t the life they wanted to build either.

So she shifted again. 

If there’s one thing to take away from Tanya’s story, it’s that choosing to back yourself is the path to success. 

Discovering your ability to be brave and adaptable are just a few of the things you’ll uncover in this episode, along with some productivity hacks that will help you manage your time amidst the inevitable chaos of change. 

—>>> Click here to tune in to “Navigating Change in Your Expert Business w/ Tanya Dalton”

If you’re feeling ready to close out the final quarter of 2020 on a strong note then this episode is going to encourage you! 

Tune in to this week’s episode to hear from a true master of succeeding through change!

Colin “Ride the Wave” Boyd

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