The #1 problem with the personal brand industry

Let’s talk about expanding your capacity. 

What does it take to grow? 

Being an entrepreneur in this ‘personal brand/coaching industry’ is a really unique journey.

In fact, it’s one of the simplest business models you can have given that you don’t usually have a brick-and-mortar building filled with employees. 

But here’s the problem… 

The problem with this business model is that it’s very personal. 

YOU are the one, selling you. 

And your service and product are a representation of you. 

This means the challenge in our industry is evolving and growing your capacity and maturity as a human being. 

Today’s podcast is going to be really powerful for helping to recognize what’s stopping you from going to your next level… personally.

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Because the truth is, you’re going to have to grow your capacity to get to where you want to be. 

And capacity is determined by your ability to handle ambiguity, exposure to criticism, and discomfort. 

As a business owner, your ability to handle different levels of exposure and even uncomfortableness, will determine how far you go in this industry.

For me, the biggest ones are the latter two: exposure to criticism and the ability to handle discomfort.

I had to go through some discomfort, failure, and criticism in order to succeed. 

And you will too. 

But your interpretation of failure can become your biggest leverage towards success.

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When you’re willing to expose yourself to greater levels of discomfort, you’ll see exponential growth in your capacity. 

The faster you realize your message is more important than the resistance you’re facing, that is when you see a real breakthrough in your life. 

So I want to encourage you today with the fact that it’s possible to grow past your current capacity. 

You have the strategies for your business, now let’s combine it with growing your capacity. 

Find out how on this week’s episode. 

Colin “Grow Your Capacity” Boyd

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