How to get paid $10,000 as a speaker

Have you ever tried to explain what you do to a kid? 

As a speaker, it’s really odd trying to explain what you do to an adult, let alone explain it to a kid. 

Having my workspace upstairs creates a lot of curiosity for my kids around “what goes on up there in dad’s office”

Earlier this week at the dinner table my son Jonah, who’s seven, started asking about what it is that I do.

In his curious tone, he asked “Daddy, how do you get money in your business?”

When I broke it down for him I realized how odd it sounds… 

“Well Jonah, I kinda talk for a bit and say some ideas and then people give me money.” 


He thought that was pretty cool. (You can imagine me sitting there with a proud grin on my face.)

The truth is you can get paid serious money for speaking! 

I’ll never forget the first time I got paid $10,000 for a 45 minute keynote where I “kinda spoke for a bit and shared some ideas”. 

It blew me away.

But it didn’t start there.

It was a journey of growth and discovery that I know you’re also on.

Which is why on this week’s episode of the Expert Edge Podcast I’m breaking down my journey of HOW you can get paid $10k as a speaker. 

When you hear the simple strategy I used to go from $2K to $10K+ as a speaker you’ll be SHOCKED… 

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I’m going to share with you some strategies that have been helpful for me to grow in my business and my fees, and to really make a big difference. 

Whether you’re speaking online at a virtual summit, keynoting a conference, or guest speaking at a mastermind, knowing the value in what you bring is going to make a difference. 

If you’re ready to get confident as a speaker and get PAID, then tune in! 

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Colin Boyd

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