Colin Boyd - How to Take Advantage of AI as a Coach

How to Take Advantage of AI as a Coach

I want to talk about something a little different today…

Something that, depending on who you ask…

…will immediately provoke fear or excitement- and sometimes a combination of both!

And that’s the emergence of AI.

Now, there are absolutely no shortages of opinions on it…

With the overall sentiment in the marketplace being that more people fear it than love it

(newest study revealed 52% fear it)

My guest on this week’s episode of the Expert Edge – Entrepreneur magazine contributor Ben Angel – does a great job of showing where the red flags could come into play and how to overcome them.

But as coaches and course creators we should absolutely be more excited about what AI has to offer.

Here’s 3 reasons why…

1. Nothing can replace your own personal stories

One of the beautiful things about the coaching industry is that many of us are sharing our unique experiences of failure to triumph with our audience who oftentimes are in the same situation we were once in. Nothing can replace your specific experiences and the personal connection you make with your audience. One of the best ways to do this is through your story.

2. Delegate the tedious tasks

I know first hand as a content creator that the amount of work that goes into various aspects of creating a simple piece of content can be pretty significant and costly. But now you can leverage AI to handle certain aspects of the grunt work. From tasks like done-for-you video editing to multi language transcriptions to reach a larger segment of your audience – all done in the matter of minutes.

For podcast creation with crazy AI editing power, my favorite tool right now is RIVERSIDE. This is what we use and many of my industry leading friends use it also. Check it out here

3. AI as your “brainstorming partner

How many times have you wished that you could bounce ideas off of someone? Feedback has been one of the most significant reasons my business has grown to where it’s at today. But now with AI you can get ideas for that next piece of content in seconds. Notice I said “ideas”. I fully recommend that your finished content always comes authentically from you.

It’s important to understand both the positive and negative possibilities of AI, so you can better utilize it for your business.

Make sure you tune in!

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Colin ‘Using AI’ Boyd

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