I was naked on Instagram!!

I know, crazy right?

I literally posted myself naked on Instagram and I found out about it 2 mins before I was about to speak at a conference!

But, let me talk about that in a second… (I know killer hook right!)

First I want to tell you about this week’s episode of Expert Edge Podcast. My amazing wife @sarahboyd and I did our first podcast together and the topic was “How to Successfully Work With Your Spouse.”

We’ve been working together for over 12 years and we’ve definitely made some massive mistakes, but one thing I’m proud of is that we are both obsessed with learning and growing on how to do things better.

If you want to work with your spouse with less friction (think yelling matches) and create more alignment then this episode will be perfect for you. 

We get real and raw in this episode, but we also laugh a LOT… 

Inside you’ll discover our best tips for making it work. Tips like: 

  • 3 Key Strategies for working together – these have transformed our business and our relationship as a result! 
  • The #1 tip to avoid fighting with your spouse – and how this tip has truly changed our working relationship
  • Why you must never see your spouse as your employee – this shift in perspective will not just save your business, but your marriage. 

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO “Working with your Spouse (& When I Was Naked on Instagram)”

–>>> So back to being NAKED on Instagram… in this episode I share one of my funniest stories of when I posted myself naked on Instagram, and how Sarah found out before I did! You’re going to have to listen to the episode for this ridiculous story. 

Working with your spouse can either make or break your business, not to mention your marriage.

But I can confidently say that my wife is my greatest blessing in life AND the biggest asset to our business. 

Without her, the show would stagnate. But before we got here, we had to get real about how to do it. 

And I know you want the fruitfulness of a life well lived too. 

I may not have all the answers but with over a decade of running a business together, I can’t wait to share with you all our highs and lows that keep us in it for the long haul! 

Here is the “Working with your Spouse (& When I Was Naked on Instagram)” Episode

Talk Soon. 
Colin “Winning at Instagram” Boyd 

P.S. Our podcast editor messaged me and said this was her favorite episode on the Podcast so far, so take it from her… it’s a good one!

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