[Expert Edge] Did I get a bit too vulnerable?

This newsletter is about you.

My goal when I started the Expert Edge podcast was to get more connected to you.

I know how important it is if I’m ever going to inspire you further, for you to feel like you know me as a person.

And since I know there’s no real connection without authenticity, this week I’ve decided to get really vulnerable with you.

You’ll learn all about the 3 crucial lessons that changed my business, and my life. 

You’re gonna hear some of the biggest challenges and failures I’ve faced yet and how they brought me to where I am today…

Because growing up in Australia, I never thought I would be running my own business, let alone in America!

In this VULNERABLE & exclusive episode you’ll discover: 

  • How to shift your perspective on past “failures” – and how you can let go of them or use them to your advantage
  • Why your VALUE is not found in your performance – this small difference will change your entire approach to any challenge you’re facing
  • Why your breakthrough is ‘closer than you realize’ – And what you need to do to get that extra energy to finally break through the resistance you’re feeling right now
  • You’ll walk away from this episode feeling truly inspired about using your past failures to catapult and even create the success you’re desiring in your business and life right now

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My wife and I are very firm believers in building a life that’s not only fulfilling now but sustainable for the long haul.

We’ve learned the fine art of sacrificing now, in order to reap the benefits later.

And I can tell you it’s all been worth it!

I’m more excited than ever as I look towards the future now.

And that’s because my life has proved that good things come when you’re willing to ‘get back up again.’

If you’re ready to face the rest of the year with a new level of resolve then tune in to this latest episode.

As always, my goal is to inspire you to take it to the next level!

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO “The 3 Hard Lessons That Changed My Life”

Talk Soon.
Colin “Next Level” Boyd

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