[Podcast] The 3 types of Marketing Content that gets you clients

Have you ever felt like people weren’t responding to your marketing?

You make a piece of marketing like a video, Facebook Ad or post and you get….crickets.

It’s so frustrating, cause it can feel like ‘nothing works.’

The truth is though when your audience isn’t responding it isn’t because what you said was bad, but rather it’s how you said it.

This is what my friend and marketing master Brandon Lucero has spent years perfecting.

And it’s exactly why I wanted to pull him in for an Episode of the Expert Edge Podcast this week.

Because once you understand the art of powerful messaging you’ll be amazed at the turn around it brings!

Here are 3 Powerful things you’re gonna learn in this episode:

  • The difference between “what-to” content and “how-to” content – and why you have stop mainly doing “how-to” content today
  • How to create desire for your product before they even get on your webinar and why this can more than double your conversion rates
  • How to quickly get over ‘marketing perfectionism’ – once you learn to break this bad habit you’ll see your momentum shift!

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO “The 3 Types of Marketing Content that gets you clients w/ Brandon Lucero”

I don’t take notes when I do an interview very often.

But after this interview, I had nearly 5 pages of notes. It will seriously blow your mind.

I want you to be able to create those moments too, Graham, where people have mind-blowing experiences when they consume your content.

You’re gonna walk away from this episode more confident in marketing your message.

You’ll feel like you understand how to sell without selling, and how to create demand for your product.

I’m here to bring you the best of the best in the industry so that you can learn and grow, and Brandon is just that.

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO “The 3 Types of Marketing Content that gets you clients w/ Brandon Lucero” 

Talk Soon.
Colin “Magnetic Messaging” Boyd

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