5 Expert Networking Tips

If you go to events just to learn the content… In my opinion, you’re doing it wrong.  You see, attending events has been one of the most important aspects of growing my business. Not because of the content shared at the events. (sure some of it is really good) But because of the connections & […]

3 Simple Ways To Tell More Engaging Stories

If you want to become a more engaging speaker… The kind where your audience is hanging onto every word you say and then rushing to join your program… You have to become a better storyteller. If you look back at any speaker that absolutely captivated you, I’d be willing to bet their presentation had an […]

My 3 Favorite Productivity Hacks

I don’t know about you…but I’m naturally unorganized and highly creative. However, I knew that as a coach and entrepreneur, managing my time and being productive was one of the cornerstones of success. So early on in my entrepreneurial journey I went out and studied all the books and people I could find teaching productivity. […]

How Beliefs Are Created – The 5 Stages

“I’m an idiot” “I’m not a good speaker” “I’m not a leader” These are just a few of the beliefs I used to have about myself!  That is until I realized that I had unconsciously created these beliefs as I grew up & that none of it was true (even though it felt like it […]

How to get paid $10,000 as a speaker

Have you ever tried to explain what you do to a kid?  As a speaker, it’s really odd trying to explain what you do to an adult, let alone explain it to a kid.  Having my workspace upstairs creates a lot of curiosity for my kids around “what goes on up there in dad’s office” […]