Why the Next 3 Years Will Be the Best of Your Life..

Not a lot of people know this but…

I went to college for marketing.

My thought was that I was going to be sitting in cool meetings brainstorming new slogans and marketing campaigns.

My reality was data entry and spreadsheets.

(wuh wuh wuh wuhhhh – sad trombone sound effect)

I lasted all of 18 months before I gave them the peace sign!

I share this with you because work and growing your business is going to feel like a big struggle until you are in alignment.

Alignment with what?

With YOUR vision, YOUR strengths, YOUR why.

I emphasize “YOUR” because too often we copy other people’s paths even if we aren’t wired that way.

My guest on this week’s podcast, Graham Cochrane, shares how to get into alignment with your business so that growth is easy and not a grueling grind. 

Here’s a POWERFUL tidbit he shared that will help you get aligned.

It’s called the 3-year exercise.

IMAGINE THIS… you and a friend haven’t spoken in 3 years and you decided to catch up.

The first thing they ask you is “How have you been these past 3 years?”

What would you proceed to tell them for your answer to be the best 3 year stretch of your life?

Give yourself permission to imagine what you would have holistically in your life to say with a straight face that these have been your best 3 years.

How would your business, family life, spiritual life, and health have to be?

Think deeply on this as it’s the most important step to alignment because it will be the anchor for everything that comes after you do this process.

We go over much more on this episode… including why you need to live like a Rebel!

It’s not what you think!

This is just one of the cool exercises that Graham covers on this week’s podcast. If you’re ready to create absolute alignment between your vision and who you are, make sure to listen this week.

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Colin ‘The Rebel’ Boyd

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