How to Write Copy That Converts

Have you ever found yourself hanging onto every word of an email or sales page?

Fully captivated.

Rushing to click the ‘buy button’ as you pull out your credit card.

This my friend is the power of good copywriting.

While it may seem like the words on that page are random…

Nothing could be further from the truth.

They are placed there specifically for you and everyone like you.

Whoever wrote that copy has a deep understanding of their audience.

They know what words to use to poke your pleasure and pain points.

Which ultimately leads to a conversion.

Copywriting is a bit of an art, yet essential for all online coaches.

Because of that I brought my ELITE copywriting coach onto the podcast today to talk all about how you can instantly become a better copywriter.

Here are a few of the copywriting mistakes we discussed on the episode…

1. Not understanding who you’re talking to

The first thing you need to get clear on before you write copy, is who your audience is. The more detailed you get on this, the better your results are going to be. This requires some deep work and introspection. Ask questions like “who’s my ideal client?” “who do I want to work with?” “where are they now in their business or life”? Etc…

2. Un-compelling Headlines

9 out of 10 times people don’t write compelling headlines. This is the first thing people see and with attention spans being less than that of a goldfish these days, it’s even more important to nail this. Elements of a good headline are – what they’re going to get, followed by the pleasure point (easy, fast, etc..), all without the pain (money, time, etc..). Extra points if you can sprinkle in some personality.

3. Too many fancy words

Don’t get too fancy with your language or verbiage. You want to capture attention quickly and the best way to do this is use simple words that resonate with your particular audience. Avoid industry jargon or being super clever.

In the podcast, we touched on a few more mistakes as well as some best practices that you can apply today to instantly uplevel your copy game!

Don’t miss it!

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>>> iTunes ONLY: Episode 209 | Copy That Converts w/ Kristen Engen


Colin ‘Uplevel Your Copy’ Boyd

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