How to Host a Great In-Person Workshop

In today’s digital world, there are almost countless ways to connect with your audience.

You have live streams, zoom, webinars, online groups and the list goes on…

Online connection is great, but there’s one strategy when utilized well that can trump them all.

…that strategy Live In-Person Workshops.

In fact, we just hosted our Sell From Stage Elite in-person workshop in Huntington beach.

Connecting with the members and workshop their coaching and course creation businesses was such a blast.

In this context, I wanted to share with you how I think about designing content for in-person workshops.

Take a listen to 5 Secrets To Running A Great In-Person Workshop

NOTEThese strategies can also apply to your virtual workshops, etc…

Here are 3 of the 5 ideas that I discuss on the podcast above…

1. Set an intentional intention

There are 2 levels of intentions you should set prior to your workshop.

The first being the intention YOU want as a result of the workshop (maybe you want your audience to leave with a specific outcome or maybe you’re looking for them to join a higher level program).

The second is the AUDIENCE’S intention, you want your audience to set their own intention and clearly understand their outcome.

When you both have clear intentions the workshop has a focus and direction that will result in great outcomes overall.

2. Map it out

Next, you want to map all the content out from a high level. Based on your intentions there will be topics that you have as the big building blocks. Brainstorm all the big ideas that will get your audience to walk away with the intention you want.

For the Sell From Stage workshop I just ran, the big building blocks were leadership mindset, magnetic messaging, business model design, and stagecraft mastery.

We covered all of these big topics in 60 to 90-minute chunks over 2 days.

3. Create energetic variety

One big mistake many people make is they use the same training style for the whole event. In other words, they just go slide-to-slide and kill their audience with death by PowerPoint.

What you want to do instead is think of the different energies you want to bring into the workshop. This will be a combination of you presenting, you answering questions, breaking your audience out into small mastermind groups, activities they can work on themselves, etc. These are a few of the different energies you want to outwork through your event.

Now make sure you tune into this week’s episode for a deeper explanation of each as well as the last 2 secrets, click below (Especially if you are planning to run an in-person or virtual Workshop this year)

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Colin ‘Workshops Rock’ Boyd

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