3 Messaging Mistakes You Must Avoid

When it comes to attracting the right clients…

Your messaging is the foundation.

And by messaging I’m referring to the language you use to attract your audience.

If this isn’t strong…

Then every other aspect of your marketing is going to be shaky at best.

This includes everything from your audience match to your conversion rates.

So it’s pretty essential that you get this right.

Talk about pressure!

Don’t stress though…

I’ll give a good amount of clarity this week on The Expert Edge Podcast. Title: The 3 big messaging mistakes you need to avoid. 

Here’s a high level look at the big 3 mistakes you need to avoid:

1. Serving an undefined customer

I see a lot of coaches that go way too broad with their audience. A good way to know if you are going too broad is you’ll typically have low conversion rates on your registration pages as well as your promotional pages. It’s best to get as defined as possible with your audience without going TOO specific where you only have a handful of audience members. On the podcast I shared some specific criteria I use to define a perfect customer.

2. Having an unclear problem or promise

Again, most coaches go too general here. They will claim to solve a very general problem like “how to grow your business” or “how to lose weight”. Usually you need a level of specificity here.

What is the leading problem you’re going to solve for your audience? Get very specific here. My example would be along the lines of: Most course creators run webinars and get really nice comments but very few clients, that’s the problem I fix.

3. Using untested language

We’re 3 for 3 now in mistakes I see too many coaches make. And this one is about using language that you think is going to resonate with your audience without actually testing it first.

The best way to figure this out is to survey or poll your audience to find out what they respond to best. Your audience should determine your language.

I cover a lot of essential messaging strategies in this episode. Make sure you tune in!

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Colin ‘Master Your Messaging’ Boyd

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