This Opens the Door to Influential People

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase before…

“It takes a village”

Which of course refers to raising a child.

However, if you ask me, this same phrase can be applied to growing a successful business.

Because for me, a massive reason I’ve been able to grow to the level I’m at..

Is because of the strategic influential relationships I’ve built within the industry.

You see…

When you’ve built relationships with influential people all sorts of doors and opportunities open up to you that weren’t available before.

I think this is such an important part of your business success, that I’ve dedicated a whole episode on the podcast this week to it.

Take a listen here

Here’s 3 of about 5 ways to start building relationships with influential people…

1. Make yourself valuable to them

To build relationships with influential people in your industry, you first have to make yourself valuable. The way to do this is by becoming great at what you do. People at higher levels are very time-poor so they are looking for who can add value more than who they can just hang out with.

NOTE: I’ve been invited into inner circle groups well before my business was at the level to be in the room, simply because I was really good at what I did and my skillset (creating high-converting presentations) was something that the group valued.

2. Pay the price to be in the room

One powerful way that I build influential relationships is by making sure I am in rooms that they are also in. I’ll go to an event, join a program or mastermind to make sure I end up in rooms with them. Social media is great, but nothing beats face to face connection or being in long-term programs with people.

Every program I join, my goal is to make 10X on my investment and a massive part of that ROI stems from the relationships I build.

3. Make an industry leader hit list

You have to be intentional about who you want to pursue a relationship with and how you’re going to add value to them. Every year, I create a list of 3-5 industry leaders who I will intentionally add value to. This could be through social media (if I don’t know them yet) or through direct contact if I’ve already met them.

TOP STRATEGY: You can offer your skillset to them for free to add value to their life or business. But remember, it has to come at zero time cost to them. Just add value, don’t ask for any direction or guidance from them.

Those are just a few ideas I discussed on the podcast this week.

For more tips and examples, make sure you catch this episode!

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>>> iTunes ONLY: Episode 211 | Building Relationships With Influential People


Colin ‘Building Relationships’ Boyd

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