How to Go Viral on Instagram

What if I told you that paid ads…

…are not the only way to get your content in front of your target audience almost immediately?

Usually when something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

Or there’s a big catch.

But in this case I assure you there isn’t.

Those who effectively use Instagram Reels can certainly vouch for me.

You see, Instagram Reels have the unique ability to…

Attract, Connect, Convert & go viral when done right.

They are by FAR the main organic strategy we use to grow our Instagram following with the right audience.

And to make sure you know how to do them right, I’m bringing you one of the best Instagram Reel marketers on the planet, Anneke Odendaal, on this week’s episode of the expert edge. 

She dropped applicable gem after gem on the podcast.

Here is just 1 of about 5 strategies we discussed on the podcast.

How to structure your reels for maximum results…

1. Beginning – The Attention Grabber

Just like with ads or any content you run these days, the first 2 seconds are critical and need to be attention-grabbing with some form of a hook, movement, audio, etc… anything to grab attention. This could be something visually grabbing or a written hook like How to X without Y.

2. Middle – The Attention Maintenance

Now that you initially grabbed their attention, it’s time for you to keep it for a bit longer. This is where you’re going to share knowledge or some valuable information that relates to the audience in order to keep them watching. Teach 3 steps for achieving X in half the time that most people spend.

3. End – The Big Reward

Finally you want to reward them for watching your whole video with some form of a conclusion. They should be able to walk away with something actionable. An example of this might be if you were a painter educating your audience on a technique, then at the conclusion you would show the finished painting.

Now that you have the structure down…

Tune in to learn the other must-know tips to make a reel go viral!

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Colin ‘Going Viral’ Boyd

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