How to be an Inspirational Leader


I believe you’re always leading and influencing on some level. If you’re in a leadership position, you must understand how to communicate in a way that doesn’t just get people to comply, but gets them to engage. In this short video, I’m going to share with you language secrets that […]

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How to Prioritise


How to Priorities Have you ever started your day feeling fuzzy or unclear in terms of what you need to get done? I want to share with you my #1 productivity tool that will help you to get incredibly clear each day on what is most important and how you’re going to […]

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How to Work with Your Strengths


Have you ever found yourself working in a part of your business that you’re really bad at? Have you found yourself in a moment when you’ve thought, “I really should not be doing this.” Let’s have a chat about how you can work with your strengths and why I should […]

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A Simple Trick to Beat Procrastination


Have you ever found yourself procrastinating something that is really important? I know I have. If you’ve ever found yourself putting off something that you know you need to get done, I want to show you my #1 trick for getting yourself unstuck and back into momentum. You’ll stop procrastinating […]

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The #1 Tip for Creating a Clear Strategy


Have you ever walked out of a strategy meeting and felt more confused than when you entered? So often I chat with businesses — whether it be large, global corporates or even small businesses — and their leaders say to me, “Colin, I have so many goals, I’m quite unclear […]

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