The 2 Secret Elements of Charisma

There are many skills that you need to develop as a coach…

But there’s ONE skill that if developed properly…

Will have your audience instantly attracted to you.

As a coach, you need to make yourself worth following.

Most think their knowledge is enough… that people will want to follow you because you’re an expert.

But that’s only a small part of the equation.

The most effective way to magnetically attract your audience to you is to develop the skill of…


Notice I keep saying “develop”.

On this week’s episode of the Expert Edge for the first time ever I dive into exactly how you can develop more charisma by following my foundational model of charisma. 

Here’s a sneak peak.

Your charisma lies at the exact intersection of your vulnerability and invincibility.

There are two elements to my model of charisma…

1. Vulnerability

If you want to be attractive to your audience, then you must show them that you are like them. As an expert, you have to show your audience in many ways that you have been through the challenges they are going through right now. If you do that, then they will instinctively feel like you understand them.

But the problem is, if all you share are the challenges you’re going through, then you become dramatic, and not charismatic.

Which is why you need the second element to balance this first element.

2. Invincibility

You also have to show your audience that you have achieved something inspirational. That you have either made a personal and courageous change yourself or you’ve helped others change their lives.

There needs to be a combination of both vulnerability and invincibility to maximize your charisma… almost like a Clark Kent and Superman mixture.

If you sit in just invincibility, then you’ll repel your audience as you’ll come off like a pompous douchebag. But if you have too much vulnerability then you’ll create way too much drama and not be worth following!

In the podcast, I unpacked lots of practical ways you can share both vulnerability and invincibility with your audience to increase your charisma.

To really get a good grasp on how to apply this and up level your charisma, tune in to this episode!

It’s a doozy!

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Colin ‘Charisma’ Boyd

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