3 Branding Mistakes Coaches Make

When most coaches think of their personal brand they mistake it for their branding.

They think their brand is their colors, fonts, website, etc…

But those elements are your branding.

They aren’t your actual brand.

It’s really important to understand the difference here because building a strong personal brand in today’s market is essential for you as a coach.

And if you’re not strategic about it, you’re going to be left in the dust.

So what is your personal brand?

Simply put, It’s what you’re known for. Or as Jeff Bezos puts it…

“It’s what people say about you when you’re not in the room”.

It’s the value you bring to the marketplace and your audience’s perception of that value…

During this week’s podcast of the Expert Edge I dive deep into personal branding with my guest and branding expert Yolanda Smith…

Here’s a sneak peak of 3 branding mistakes we discussed on the episode that coaches often make…

1. Starting too broad

One of the hardest coaching/course businesses to launch and scale is one that serves everyone. When I personally aligned my brand and message to selling on stage my business exploded. Narrowing down your brand message is the secret to getting market penetration and momentum, from there you can start to expand, but you have to start narrow.

2. Not having a clear brand message

You must show up the same way everywhere or you’ll create brand confusion. The more alignment you can make with your content, stories and offers the clearer your brand message will be.

3. Thinking only short-term

Building a brand takes time. Most coaches misjudge the time it takes to build a brand. This doesn’t mean you won’t have milestones and success along the way but the real tipping point happens as your brand is established. I’ve been running my podcast for 3 years now and it’s in that consistency that momentum appears. So see it through.

This is just a tiny bit of what we discussed…

On the podcast, we go deep into the 5 essential brand-building pillars you need to have as well as a few other gems.

Don’t miss this episode!

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Colin ‘Build Your Brand’ Boyd

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