Would You Choose the Ferrari or Rolls?

My friend Jason was presenting in front of our mastermind group and he said this one line that made my ears prick up…

He casually says…”I want to live in one of those ‘what do they do?’ houses. You know the ones, where you drive by and just think what on earth do they do???”

When it comes down to it, creating your dreams is a combination of never giving up, learning continually, and serving your audience wholeheartedly.

While interviewing my Expert Edge Podcast Guest, Jason Brown, a stock trading expert, he not only told me that he now owns one of the “what do they do?” houses, but he just traded in his Ferrari for a new Rolls-Royce!

What’s cool is that Jason is such a chilled laid-back guy, he is not caught up in the image of it all, but sees these things as manifestations of walking in courage and commitment.

So I wanted to explore with him what characteristics have made a difference in building his dream life.

Jason teaches people to make money through stock trading, but he doesn’t just teach people, he shows them how to do the trades and essentially they follow his moves!

He lives his message and because of that has created a huge coaching membership and following.

People can smell if you’re the real deal, and especially in the market of wealth creation, there are a lot of swindlers.

If you want some inspiration this week, take a listen here.

A sneak peek into some of the ideas we discussed included…

1. Learn on the next level

As a coach, the market will change, the tools will change, what works will change, etc… There is never a “I am finished” or “I have arrived” moment because of the constant change in all areas of business. One of the secrets to his success has been continually learning on the next level. Putting himself in rooms where his thinking and identity will be stretched.

2. Never get married to a product, but marry the service you provide

Products, software, platforms etc… will all come and go. Something newer and better will always be around the corner, so don’t get married to the tools you use, but you should get married to providing your service and giving your audience your absolute best.

3. Live your message

It’s very easy as a coach to focus so much on selling your course that you forget to keep doing the thing that you’re teaching. For example, one aspect of what I teach is how to run successful launches and while we don’t need to run lots of live launches anymore, I still do it, to make sure I’m always sharp with what I preach.

This is just a tiny nugget of what we discussed.

Make sure you catch this episode!

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Colin ‘Practicing What I Preach’ Boyd

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