How A Mom From Buffalo Makes 20k/month

Meet Lindsay.

She is a mom from Buffalo… (her words).

Who’s been able to build a $20,000+ online course business while only working a couple of hours per week!

When she came to me, she had a desire to grow her business, but there were a lot of restrictions and challenges…

She’s a mom with a family, and her child has some special needs, so naturally it requires extra attention.

She wanted to grow her business, but she didn’t want to jeopardize time with her son and her responsibilities as a mom.

She followed the Sell From Stage Academy® framework and built one presentation.

With this one presentation she is now delivering it every week and generating $20,000+ a month.

She told me during this week’s episode of the Expert Edge that she’s only working a couple hours a week.

She’s able to do this…

…because she delivers the same presentation over and over, which makes it really simple to set up and redeliver.

Check out her story about how she created a financial breakthrough for her family, with only one presentation.

Click below to take a listen to Lindsay’s story….

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Colin ‘One Presentation Breakthrough” Boyd

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