3 Tips To Camera Confidence

As a coach…

If you’re not consistently getting in front of the camera…

You’re going to get left behind.

It’s one of the easiest pieces of content to create and leverage.

And when it’s done right, it creates an instant level of authority with your audience.

It’s not a secret anymore about how powerful video is for your business.

But sometimes you might think that it’s a secret…

With how few coaches are actually utilizing it effectively!

There’s certainly room for improvement.

That’s why on this week’s episode of the Expert Edge, I brought a Camera Confidence Expert on (Xayli Barclay) to talk all about how to create super high quality videos all while exuding confidence through the screen!

Here are just a few camera confidence tips you can use right now…

1. Elevate The Quality

You can start with something as simple as your phone and good lighting, but as you grow you’ll want to invest in higher quality cameras and microphones. You need to think of your videos and their quality as your business storefront. This isn’t the place to pinch pennies. With that said, getting a high-quality setup isn’t going to break the bank either.

Xayli shares exactly what gear you should invest in on the episode.

2. Ramp Up More Reps

Nobody gets on video the first time as a finished product. Think about the absolute best speaker you know… I promise if you ask them about their first videos, they’ll probably cringe a little. But what they did that separated them is they stayed consistent with creating videos and just kept getting a little better each video. It doesn’t take long, you just have to start.

3. Get Red Carpet Ready

This might seem like common knowledge but if you want to ooze confidence, the prerequisite is to make sure you’re camera ready. Meaning you put yourself together nicely, hair, makeup, clothes, etc. When you dress up, you show up differently on camera. I think it’s easy in this day and age where everyone works from home to get lazy with your dress, but you’ll notice the difference if you dress up your confidence will naturally increase.

These are just a few little nuggets we discussed…

On the podcast, we go much deeper on getting the right video setup as well as making sure you have no shortage of camera confidence during your next video!

Don’t miss this episode!

>>> LISTEN ALL PODCAST PLATFORMS: Episode 207 | Camera Confidence w/ XayLi Barclay

>>> iTunes ONLY: Episode 207 | Camera Confidence w/ XayLi Barclay


Colin ‘Camera Ready’ Boyd

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