3 Marketing Trends You Need To Be Aware Of

If you’ve followed me for any period of time,

Then you know that I constantly preach about…

The importance of getting on stage (virtual or live) to not only sell your stuff…

But to establish your credibility & expand your brand.

We all know what a live stage is but when I refer to virtual I generally mean…

Webinars, Instagram/Facebook Lives, etc…

But there’s one stage I don’t mention as much but is one that needs to be added to your toolbelt…

(It’s one my team will be moving towards heavily for 2024)

And that stage is Youtube.

Now, there are countless reasons why you need to get on Youtube asap…

I had the chance to interrogate the #1 YouTube strategist in the world, Sean Cannell on the Expert Edge Podcast this week. Take a quick listen here

I’ll give you a sneak peek of just 3 of the YouTube trends we unpacked here:

Trend #1: High quality long-form videos will continue to dominate

Longer content is seeing a severe boost in views and will continue to do so. These are 25-30 minute videos on the short end and up to 3 hours on the long end. This creates a deeper audience connection & YouTube rewards videos that keep users on the platform longer.

Trend #2: Short-form videos get your long-form viewers

Short form (60 seconds for less) videos get 70 billion+ views per day. So long-form should be the destination that you ultimately send viewers to, but short form is an excellent vehicle to get them there! You can simply take your long form and chop some good bits of it and use those as your shorts! Then link your long form to this short form. Voila!

Trend #3: Raw & authentic content creators will stand out

With the rise of AI and deep fakes, people are more skeptical than ever. Because of this, they are naturally gravitating towards people and videos that are genuine and real. You don’t need to have a high production b-roll or anything like that. All you need is to be authentic and give value.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of my interview with Sean Cannell.

Make sure you catch this episode!

>>> LISTEN ALL PODCAST PLATFORMS: Episode 204 | How To Scale With Youtube w/ Sean Cannell

>>> iTunes ONLY: Episode 204 | How To Scale With Youtube w/ Sean Cannell


Colin ‘You Need More YouTube’ Boyd

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