Here’s Why Your Course Isn’t Selling

Many coaches think that once they build their online course, they’ll start making money.

The truth is, you can put so much time and effort into a course….

Then offer it to the world….

….and get crickets!

It’s like your audience gives you the cold shoulder!

I know, I’ve been there!

(I remember having over 600 person say they were interested in my course, and only one person actually bought it – OUCH!)

Fast forward a few years and a lot of investment in my personal development…

And I realized I was making 3 big OFFER mistakes!

I say “big” mistakes because once I fixed them..

I went from $3,000 webinars to $100,000+ webinars.

From $40,000 per year to Millions per year.

And even students I taught this to, like Marco went instantly from $2k webinars to $140k+.

I’ll give you a sneak peek of 3 mistakes below… (which I elaborate big time on this week’s episode of the Expert Edge)…

But if you really want your course to fly off of the proverbial digital shelves…

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Anyways, here are 3 mistakes…

1. Undefined Core Premise

A core premise is the one idea that your audience must understand to say yes to your offer. Not having one of these in your presentation or sales page is like having a bow and arrow without the arrow! An example of 1 of my core premises is: You are one high converting presentation away from the breakthrough you want in your business.

2. Overwhelming Your Audience

This is a classic mistake that 99% of coaches make when presenting to their audience. They overwhelm them with way too much “how to” information. Your audience should leave wanting more, not overwhelmed. You do this by delivering “decision based content” instead of “information based content”.

3. Lack Of Synergy Between Your Audience And Your Offer

“Offer audience synergy” is when you have the right offer in front of the right audience. If you have an amazing offer but it’s in front of the wrong audience then you won’t sell peanuts.. And vice versa. You need to make sure your offer and audience are in sync.

For the full breakdown of each mistake and how to overcome them…

Make sure you catch this episode!

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Colin ‘Synergistic Offers Sell’ Boyd

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