The Art of Saying ‘No’

In today’s conversation, I want to talk to you about how you say ‘no.’ It’s been said on Forbes (I’ve been reading it recently) that leadership is actually the art of saying ‘no,’ not ‘yes.’ It’s very easy to say ‘yes’ to stuff. But if you can say ‘no’ to the right things and actually […]

Launch of Productivity Academy FREE Training Tool

This is the official launch of the Productivity Academy. Do you ever find yourself with ‘shiny thing syndrome’? In other words you start the day and even with your best efforts you find yourself working on a whole bunch of distractions? So many of my clients, even though they were generally high performing people, when […]

Why I do what I do

As I woke up in the sickbay I realised I’d just slept through lunch. I wasn’t sick, I just didn’t want to go back to my desk. After finishing university, I found myself in a job that I thought would be great but ended up not being a fit for my skills and personality. It […]

How to Ask a Good Quality Question

  I think all great leaders are exceptional at asking good quality questions. I’m going to show you the secret to asking a good quality question… The other day, I was running a Coaching Skills for Managers workshop. I was teaching them how to be coaches as a leader. One of the skills of a […]

Post Positive Reflection: The Secret to Finishing a Day Well

Do you ever find yourself being a little bit grumpy at home after a big day of work? After dealing with all of the challenges of a days work many of us have very little energy left. It is so easy to just leave work and arrive home physically but be absent mentally and emotionally. […]

How to Delegate Effectively – The Secret to Leveraged Productivity

One of the most important principles for being highly productive in a workplace is being able to delegate effectively. I go into workplaces where managers say they delegate, but after talking with their employees, I really don’t think they know how to delegate properly. So what I want to share with you right now is […]

Seasonal Clarity – How to Make Every Season Effective

Life is seasonal. Understanding what season you are in can be so important to how you engage in your life professionally and personally. Just recently I ran a large Resilience program and we talked about the idea of ‘understanding what season you are in’. I want to share with you how you can understand what […]

Movement before Mojo

Having high motivation is a desirable idea. Right? Many of us dream about getting to a place where we jump out of bed, excited to get into our day. But the reality is that many of us wake up tired, feeling like we still need sleep and thinking something is missing. I want to press […]

Dumb vs Dynamic Meetings

I think poor meetings are one of the biggest hindrances and costs to organisations. I’m not saying that meetings aren’t worthwhile, but if you’re having dead and dumb meetings that aren’t producing results, then you’re doing it wrong. What I want to share with you right now is a framework on how you can have […]

Protect Your Energy Pockets

You know that time in the afternoon at about 3 o’clock when you’re craving that chocolate bar or something to eat. You find yourself getting distracted and maybe overwhelmed by certain tasks. That time in the day is when you’ve got low energy. If you know how to manage your energy properly it can dramatically […]