Protect Your Energy Pockets

You know that time in the afternoon at about 3 o’clock when you’re craving that chocolate bar or something to eat. You find yourself getting distracted and maybe overwhelmed by certain tasks. That time in the day is when you’ve got low energy. If you know how to manage your energy properly it can dramatically increase your productivity.

Today’s conversation is about energy. Specifically, it’s about how your energy flows in your day. I don’t know about you but I know for me, I have a lot better energy early in the morning.

We all have a Circadian rhythm, a cyclical process which basically teaches nature and human beings to sleep, rest, wake up and engage. You have a Circadian rhythm for your day, and it will have highs and lows. I guess it’s kinda like riding a wave. For me, I’ve grown up surfing. When you surf different parts of a wave, there are different levels of power and speed. For example, when you take off on a wave, it can be very powerful and steep; then you come down and bottom turn and you can draw power from the wave. Then you can come up and sit right on the pocket of a wave and it’s a bit more relaxed, more ‘cruise-y’ in a sense. You can also go out into the fat part of the wave where it is slow. In different areas of the wave, you can draw different types of power and speed. But if you ride the wave wrong, you’ll end up falling over.

Many people fall over in their day, energy-wise. They don’t look after the times in their day when they will actually have the best energy. I’m wondering, when is your energy highest and when is it lowest? If you think about it, is it higher in the mornings or is it higher in the afternoons? Is it lower in the mornings or is it lower in the afternoons?

PROTECT HIGHS: When you discover what areas your energy is high in, I would encourage you to protect it.

EMBRACE LOWS: When you discover what areas your energy is low in, I would encourage you to embrace it.

In the highs, what’s important is to think, to create and to strategise. That’s when you do all your planning and your critical thinking. When your energy is low, this is when you physically move, connect and rest.

This is how your energy flows through your day. When you understand your Circadian rhythm and identify what times you have highs in your day, I would encourage you to really protects those highs and make sure you’re doing important, valuable activity in those times of the day.

QUESTION: When are energy highs and lows in your day? Please comment below. I’d love to hear from and engage with you.


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