Seasonal Clarity – How to Make Every Season Effective


Life is seasonal.

Understanding what season you are in can be so important to how you engage in your life professionally and personally.

Just recently I ran a large Resilience program and we talked about the idea of ‘understanding what season you are in’.

I want to share with you how you can understand what season you are in and why this can make the biggest difference with how you engage in your life.

I’m obviously not a farmer. But farming is based around seasons. And this metaphor of seasons I think is so crucial whether you’re in business or you’re at home. Understanding what season you are in will enable you to engage in the season more effectively. So, in terms of life, there are four types of seasons, right — Summer, Winter, Spring and Autumn. But I’m wondering… What sort of season do you feel like you are in at the moment?

So if you think about Summer, it’s when you’re working hard, you’re toiling, you’re putting in the hard work.

Autumn is where things are starting to fall off. In other words, it’s a reaping season. All the leaves are falling, things are kinda falling off to the ground. So, as a result of all the hard work you’ve done, things are starting falling off into your hand and you actually reap it.

Winter is more reflective. Looking at what values are important to you. Re-aligning yourself. Drawing close to the people that really matter to you.

And then there’s Spring. Spring is like new opportunities. There are new things opening up in your life personally and professionally.

So I wonder, what season do you feel like you’re in? 

You need to engage differently based on the season you’re in. For example, if you’re in a Winter season, then it’s about you realigning your values or maybe you’ve gone through really big challenges. And it’s about getting realigned and getting more clarity in terms of the direction that you want to take. If you rush that or if you don’t do that properly, heading into your next season, you won’t have done the ground work that you’ve needed to do in that season.

So making sure that you’re understanding what season you are in right now in your personal or professional life will enable you to be okay with that season, to do the right work in that season and ultimately reap the right rewards from that season.

So that’s today’s tip around Seasonal Clarity.

Understanding what season you’re in can make the biggest difference in how you engage with your life. 

I trust this has been valuable.

Please leave a comment below: 

What season do you feel like you’re in — Summer, Winter, Spring or Autumn?


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