My 3 Favorite Productivity Hacks

I don’t know about you…but I’m naturally unorganized and highly creative. However, I knew that as a coach and entrepreneur, managing my time and being productive was one of the cornerstones of success. So early on in my entrepreneurial journey I went out and studied all the books and people I could find teaching productivity. […]

A Simple Trick to Beat Procrastination

Have you ever found yourself procrastinating something that is really important? I know I have. If you’ve ever found yourself putting off something that you know you need to get done, I want to show you my #1 trick for getting yourself unstuck and back into momentum. You’ll stop procrastinating and start taking charge of […]

The #1 Tip for Creating a Clear Strategy

Have you ever walked out of a strategy meeting and felt more confused than when you entered? So often I chat with businesses — whether it be large, global corporates or even small businesses — and their leaders say to me, “Colin, I have so many goals, I’m quite unclear in terms of how to […]

3 Crucial Life Lessons I Discovered On Sabbatical

Would you like a month off? Imagine taking a month out of your busy schedule. Recently I took my first sabbatical, which is really an extended holiday with a purpose. Approaching the sabbatical, whenever I mentioned that I was about to take a month off, almost everyone seemed surprised. The idea of a sabbatical was […]

How To Double Your Delegation Skills

A recent executive coaching client said to me “Colin, I know that I need to delegate more, but there is something preventing me from doing it…” Delegation is one of those skills where most people say they need to ‘do it more’ but have a whole bunch of beliefs and misguided methods that prevent them […]

5 Counterintuitive Thinking Secrets of the Super Productive

You’ve probably noticed that some people are more productive than others.   In the same timeframe, one person can build and launch a successful business and the other person is still struggling to come up with the business plan. I’ve noticed that it isn’t the usual things that hold people back from being super productive, […]

How to Recharge Your Fuel Tanks

Today I want to have a conversation with you about how you can re-energise. I’ll show you the secret to getting back your mojo. Energy is so important to your productivity and to the profit of your business. So let’s talk about how you can refuel your energy — how you can get that energy, […]

Dominate Your Daily Productivity

Do you ever find yourself getting an hour into your day and thinking, “Oh my gosh, what am I even working on?” Do you work off a really overwhelming list of 45 or 75 things to do? Today I’m going to show you an easy way to get the most out of your day. If you would […]

How to Work with Your Brain

I was having a conversation with a director of an organisation the other day. Shimge said to me, “Colin, I feel like I’m getting dumber in my old age.” And as we started to explore it, we discovered that she was actually breaking a few of the brain rules that help you function best in […]

How to Divide Your Week

I had a question the other day in a Productivity program I was running. Someone asked me… “Hey Colin, how do you divide your week up effectively?” I’ve seen weekly planners with really detailed plans and it almost gets overwhelming. And then I’ve seen general ones where it’s just one goal for the week and […]