My 3 Favorite Productivity Hacks

I don’t know about you…but I’m naturally unorganized and highly creative.

However, I knew that as a coach and entrepreneur, managing my time and being productive was one of the cornerstones of success.

So early on in my entrepreneurial journey I went out and studied all the books and people I could find teaching productivity.

But here was the problem…

I found that everyone who was teaching me how to be more organized was giving me strategies that made me feel more overwhelmed!!

In other words, they were ‘naturally organized people’ who were trying to help me as a ‘naturally unorganized person get more efficient.

That just didn’t work for me.

This is why I created my own system for being productive as a ‘creative/naturally unorganized person’. It was called The Productivity Academy.

In fact, this work led me to teach productivity to thousands of people around the world including some of the biggest  Fortune 500 companies.

And I wanted to share with you three of my favorite productivity hacks from it!

Here are my three favorite productivity hacks:

Hack #1: Sprint

Instead of looking at your workday as an 8hr time block, look at it as a series of short 30-60 minute blocks where you get rid of ALL distractions and focus on 1 clear task for a set time frame. There are 3 elements to a sprint. Firstly, you need a very clear action task, secondly, you need a distraction-free environment, and finally, you need a set timeframe.

I dive deep into practically applying this strategy on the podcast here

Hack #2: Theme Your Days

Theme your days where you have a primary focus for those specific days. For example, in my business Mondays are “Team Days” where the focus is on team meetings and activities. Now, this doesn’t mean other tasks aren’t done that day by any means, but the focus is on the theme. 

Hack #3: Focusing On 5

I like to focus on 5 tasks each day. That number seemed to be the sweet spot for me. In short, what you want to do is write down 5 tasks that you are going to get done that day while creating an order of priority for each and giving yourself an estimated time frame to complete each task. 

So those are the 3 hacks!

I go over these 3 hacks in depth as well as other tools that help implement them, like my Daily Output Booster, in this week’s podcast episode called My 3 Favorite Productivity Hacks.

Episode 151 | My 3 Favorite Productivity Hacks

Podcast Description: 

Every coach is aware of the importance of being productive. After all, productivity and business success go hand in hand. However, most coaches aren’t aware of a few productivity hacks that can make a huge difference. After teaching productivity, over 8 years ago, to some of the biggest companies in the world I want to share with you my 3 favorite productivity hacks that have made a massive impact on my business. In this episode you’ll discover the 3 hacks I use every single day & I recommend you do the same. 

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Colin ‘Productivity Hacks’  Boyd

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