How to Recharge Your Fuel Tanks

Today I want to have a conversation with you about how you can re-energise.

I’ll show you the secret to getting back your mojo.

Energy is so important to your productivity and to the profit of your business. So let’s talk about how you can refuel your energy — how you can get that energy, vitality and mojo back.

I was chatting with a client recently and she said to me,

“Colin, you know, my business is running successfully. We’re making good money, but if I’m really honest with myself, I’ve lost my mojo. I’ve lost my passion.”

Today’s training is about how you can get your energy back using a unique way.

Let me share with you how to refuel your fuel tanks.

I want to share with you the 4-spectrum quadrant that will help you identify where your best energy lies and how to refuel your energy on a regular basis.

When you think about it, energy is what drives your performance.

Have you ever come in to work with a lot of time on your hands, maybe you got a full day, but you haven’t got a full energy tank? In other words, you come in and you’re exhausted already. How productive are you?

Probably not that productive.

Or have you ever come in to your day and you didn’t have much time but you felt a lot of of energy? You are pumped to get into it. And how productive were you?

Probably very productive.

So your energy makes a huge difference, right?

Personally, this concept has made a huge difference for me. I remember having a conversation, three or four months ago, with my beautiful wife, Sarah. We were talking about the business and how things were going when I said to her, “Babe, I’m exhausted.”

We’d just gone through an intense delivery period. And really when I asked myself, “How much energy do I have at the moment?” I realised that I was exhausted.

My tanks were just empty.

So I created this idea that has made a huge difference for me. And I’ve shared it with a lot of my clients and it has made a huge difference to them as well.

So it’s called “The Energy Quadrant”.

The Energy Quadrant.004


This quadrant’s going to show you where you get most of your energy. So while we go through the quadrant, I want you to think about where you sit in terms of getting your most energy juice from. You’re going to be someone who gets energy by being around others [extravert] , or you get energy by being around yourself [introvert]. You like your own time, quiet time.

So in terms of the spectrum, are you “Others” or “Self”?

The second area that you need to consider in the spectrum is whether you like adventurous activities or you like relaxed activities more.

  1. There are some activities that are high adventure and are done with others. It might be a team sport or it might be going away with a group of friends to some adventure activities.
  2. The second quadrant is with others, but it’s more relaxed. So maybe it’s hanging out with some friends or some work colleagues, and you’re just having some drinks. Or you are at a barbecue or you’re having a quiet conversation with someone else. Maybe that’s something that really fills you up.
  3. The third quadrant is relaxed, but it’s with yourself. Maybe it’s journaling, prayer or even meditation.
  4. The fourth area is where you’re adventurous, but it’s by yourself. Maybe it’s going hiking or swimming or maybe it’s going for a run by yourself.

Based on these four quadrants, which of the quadrants would you consider to be your highest energy zone?

I’d love to hear from you in a comment below.

I know for me, I’m naturally an extrovert. And like I said before, my energy was really low because I realised I was not hanging out with people enough. I wasn’t spending time with friends and loved ones enough. And I realised that I like to do adventurous activities that are with other people. So I organised to play some team sports with them. We went out and had some barbecues, which was relaxing with friends. But really that side of the quadrant for me was so important and when I realised this, it made a huge difference in terms of my energy and my focus.

I trust this has been valuable so please like it, tweet it, and share it.

And comment below,  which of the quadrants would you consider to be your highest energy zone?

Love to hear from you.


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