Movement before Mojo

Mojo before MotivationHaving high motivation is a desirable idea. Right?

Many of us dream about getting to a place where we jump out of bed, excited to get into our day. But the reality is that many of us wake up tired, feeling like we still need sleep and thinking something is missing. I want to press pause on that ‘deeper idea’ and suggest that it’s very normal to need continual motivation. The belief that you’ll be motivated without taking any action is flawed.

High performing individuals understand that feelings come after action. For example, the feeling of clarity about a project you’re working on will not come until you do your planning. The endorphin hit and positive feelings from exercise will not come until you’ve gone on a run. The love in your relationship will not be completely enriched until you’ve done something kind for your partner.

In other words there must be some movement before you feel any mojo.

Low performing people wait for motivation. They hope and wish that they’ll feel motivated one day. But the truth is that you must take action before you feel the motivation.

When I run workshops in organisations, many of my clients will say to me “prior to this workshop there was part of me that didn’t want to come, but now after finishing the workshop I’m so glad I did”. If you find yourself wavering in your motivation, rather than beating yourself up or continuing on such an empty tank. Do something that motivates you. Below are 5 motivation ideas that I like and use regularly:

  1. Reading an inspirational Personal Development book (even just 10 pages)
  2. Watching a TED talk
  3. Going for a 15 minute walk
  4. Meeting up with a colleague who has great energy
  5. Planning out my week

By the way, for most of these activities I don’t feel overly motivated prior, however the impact of engaging in them lifts my motivation and inspires me higher. Stop waiting to feel motivated and realise that your feelings will come after you take action.

What motivates you?

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