Post Positive Reflection: The Secret to Finishing a Day Well

Post Positive ReflectionDo you ever find yourself being a little bit grumpy at home after a big day of work?

After dealing with all of the challenges of a days work many of us have very little energy left. It is so easy to just leave work and arrive home physically but be absent mentally and emotionally.

You find yourself at home physically, but you’re still thinking and stressing about the days problems or the imagined problems of tomorrow.  What it takes to be successful in one activity could mean certain failure in another.  Your work requirements are very different from your home requirements so if you are still in work mode at home, this could impact negatively on your home environment (note to self also:)

The reason why this happens is because many of us finish the day and think about everything that went wrong, the person who frustrated us… again, or all the work we still have to get done.

So to mange these stressors I would recommend a powerful process….I call it Post Positive Reflection.

This process enables your brain to Reflect and Refocus your energy.

Follow these two steps:

  1. Reflect – ask yourself: What went well today? What was my most positive experience from the day? What do I need to remember for tomorrow? (right this bit down on a piece of paper so you don’t have to think about it all night).  Take your time with this and do some deep breathes which will release a lot of your stress.
  2. Refocus – ask yourself: What parts of me, need to come out of me, to be successful in my next activity? (i.e. For example at home you might need more empathy, presence, fun etc)

Use this post positive reflection process to finishing you day well.  You’ll come home to your family or partner as the best version of yourself, not the usual grumpy version 🙂

You might even hear your partner say…”You’ve changed! in a good way.  You seem less stressed and more present at home. What have you been doing?”.  At that point just smile at them and enjoy your night…We will keep it our little secret.


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