3 Key Skills of a Leader

There are three key skills that you should be focusing on as a leader to be outstanding at what you do. Use this framework to develop your own skill set. 1. Influence. All great leaders are great influencers. They are able to communicate and persuade. They can present in public effectively. Any skill development around […]

Own Your Message

I was running a presentation skills training recently, and I had a question asked of me: “Colin, how do I deliver a message that has been given to me from the director or the CEO? How do I do deliver this message with ownership and authenticity?”  Have you ever had to deliver a message that wasn’t […]

Clarity before Commitment

Commitment is one of the most crucial elements that you can have in any team. Without it, how are you going to get something done? What do you do if the commitment of your team members is lacking? They’re not at the level that you want them to be — do you question their commitment? […]

Business Relationship Formula

You’re about to learn one of the most important ingredients for building successful professional relationships. Tom Peters, an amazing consultant and leading thinker in the area of business, says that relationships in business are everything. And he means everything. When you think about it, relationships are sometimes the difference between whether you get the job […]

The Power of Presence

Leaders need to have true presence in every conversation. I think they need to ‘bring presence.’ It’s good to bring physical presents, but what I’m talking about is bringing personal presence, as in your attention and your being state. One of the biggest mistakes that people make is thinking that another time or another meeting […]

Strategic Connections

  It’s been said that you are the average of the five people closest to you. Your relationships influence significantly whether you develop or deteriorate as a human being. Think about the positive relationships that you’ve had in your life — how have they impacted you in terms of your happiness, your health and your […]

Relational Proximity

  Whom you know matters. When it comes to landing a new job, I’ve noticed that relationships with people in key positions is one of the most important factors for getting a new job. I believe that getting a promotion at work is directly in proportion with not just how hard you work but the […]

4 Top Coaching Questions

  I’ve been working with a lot of organisations recently, on helping managers coach their staff. The reason why it’s important to coach your staff is because if you are always telling them what to do, ultimately you are putting yourself at the center of their world. Through coaching your staff effectively, you are teaching […]

Dismantling Corporate Silos

  One of the most common challenges that I’ve discovered through working with organisations all over world is that most have silos. What I mean by that is there is internal separation between departments and misunderstandings in their communication. The impact of silos is miscommunication, missed deadlines and misunderstanding. From working with organisations, I believe […]

How to Speak with Confidence

  One of the problems with becoming a leader is that you must do activities that you weren’t necessarily trained for. What I mean by that is, most people are trained technically but not trained how to communicate effectively. Many employees stand out in the workplace because they’re great technically, then all of a sudden, […]