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Relational Proximity

n2Whom you know matters.

When it comes to landing a new job, I’ve noticed that relationships with people in key positions is one of the most important factors for getting a new job. I believe that getting a promotion at work is directly in proportion with not just how hard you work but the quality of the relationships you’ve built in the workplace. I know for me, when I first started my business, my initial speaking opportunities that landed me some major clients were from relationships that I had built. Relationships create leverage, kinda like a car jack; they give you the power to lift heavy loads and make big moves easier.

[MODEL] Relational ProximityI believe that to be successful, you need to intentionally build key relationships. But the mindset you come towards these relationships is crucial. You need to come with “more give, less take”. You need to come into a relationship with an intention of giving, because people can sense–even unconsciously–if you’re there to take. I’ve built a model where you can map your relationships. It’s designed to identify which relationships you could develop and other you can just maintain. On the horizontal axis identify how ‘close’ or ‘distant’ you are to them, then on the vertical axis identify how ‘influential’ or ‘important’ that relationship is to you. From this place you can decide wether to invest in the relationship. What do you think?

Whom are you intentionally building a relationship with to develop your own personal growth and influence?


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